Everyone recognizes the importance of being ranked in Google, but it can be hugely complicated and can actually be done wrong. When we set out with the goal of trying to get your website ranked in Google, we have a plan set in place that will give us the best chance of success.

SEO is an amazing way to get your business found by potential customers searching in Google who are almost always in a buying mindset. They’re looking for your type of business because they want to use your services, so we help make sure you show up when that potential customer is searching.

Competition Analysis

One of the most important factors in the success of an SEO campaign is understanding what your competition is doing online. Many times we find that the competition has done little to no serious SEO work, which means that might contribute to a less complex campaign.

Content Creation

Consistent creation of new media like text copy, pictures, and videos is critical to the long term success. This part of the process takes time because it must be applicable to your business niche and give value to your website visitor. Gone are the days when you could stuff an article full of keywords and you'd show up on the first page of Google with little work.

Quality Over Quantity

It's equally important to balance quality and quantity in all forms of media. In the case of blogs posts, we wouldn't write 3 short blog posts in a week. We'd instead produce 1 very high quality blog post with 500+ words per week. This would be valued more highly than more frequent, short, low-quality articles. Boundless resources, including Google employees, verify this fact.

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